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Educators need to teach and model professional writing. Yet, there’s a time and place to flaunt one’s mastery of APA or MLA style, such as writing a journal paper. More often, sounding like a Ph.D. will backfire, like on a first date, shopping at Dollar General, or virtually communicating.

Class communications, such as announcements and emails, demand a screen-friendly writing style. Think Twitter. Or texting. Concise. Grammar challenged. Scannable.

Although some individuals are naturally funnier than others, anyone can learn to write humor – even college professors. If instructors are interested in maximizing their funny, numerous books, including mine, explain how to generate, write, and edit humor. Like stage magic and other creative endeavors, it’s possible to demystify the craft of humor writing.

Adding funny and adopting a texting writing style will get students to pay attention to class communications. Instructors’ emails will still be flagged as “junk,” but students will at least read the message. That is, skimmed.


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