I have three life passions: educating, laughing, and fathering. A feature article in Ohio University’s alumni magazine, Funny is Good, wonderfully captured my interests. 

As an educator, I have an eclectic palate. I welcome pedagogical challenges, and I specialize in three areas that give perspective to everyday living.

Death and dying. I’m a thanatologist, and I help others navigate the challenges of death, dying, and grief. I’ve taught death education in the States and China, and I’ve trained hospice, medical, and school personnel.

Stress management. Life is hard, and everyday stress can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are attentional techniques, like meditation and self-hypnosis, that can reduce stress and improve focus. I’ve introduced thousands of individuals to mindfulness practices.

Humor. I view humor as an educational and social lubricant. When used properly, it enhances connections, and increases personal and professional productivity.

I enjoy public speaking. I educate and entertain, and I modify my presentations to the needs of the client and the audience. The most request programs are:

To Reduce Stress, Become a Winnie. Eating honey will not reduce stress. However, mindfully focusing your attention, like Pooh does when he eats honey, promotes relaxation. During this minds-on program, I teach a variety of mindfulness methods that improve concentration and encourage productivity. Format: 2-hours to a full-day workshop.

Power of Funny. This is a motivational presentation that works as a keynote speech in different settings. I explain how humor enhances connections – people, material, and organizations. I balance practical information with funny to illustrate the uses of humor. Format: 30-to-90 minute talk.

Learning Should Be Fun. Humor is one of the most effective pedagogical tools, yet it’s not used by most teachers, trainers, and managers. I bust the common misconception that an educator must be funny to use humor.  I explain how humor increases attention, motivates, and enhances learning. Format: 1-hour to half-day workshop.

The illustration at the bottom was drawn by the gifted Bob Eckstein while I was conducting two presentations for the Writer’s Digest Conference.

If you’re interested in me as a speaker, go to Contact Mark and complete the form. I’ll respond ASAP.

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