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Online Learning

TikTok Instruction

I have an AARP card, so I’m banned from Snapchat, TikTok, and most social media – the exception is Facebook. Yet, age discrimination doesn’t prevent…
Mark Shatz
January 28, 2024
Writing Secrets

Joke Fluffer

I love being a college professor. But I hate reading student papers. Hate it. Like too many men, college students believe that size matters. Students…
Mark Shatz
January 22, 2024
Online Learning

Who’s on the Exam?

From a student’s perspective, there’s nothing fun or funny about taking a test. Yet, evidence indicates that students appreciate examinations that include humor. The key…
Mark Shatz
January 18, 2024
Online Learning

Lame is Good

The educational context of online courses changes humor expectations. Students assume teachers will be scholarly and serious. Yet, everyone, educators included, expects online classes to…
Mark Shatz
January 4, 2024
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