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Which is a better opening sentence?

1) Humor augments pedagogy with asynchronous and synchronous elements to create a rich educational tapestry and enhanced instructional environment. 

2) Humor makes learning fun.

Educators often write the unreadable, like the first sentence. They repeat a terrible writing habit learned during college – trying to impress or BS a professor.

Erudite communication may astonish the nobles, but it’s the quickest way to violate the first commandment of comedy:

Know your audience. 

Humorists constantly rewrite their material to fit a specific audience. Most humor, especially classroom funny, must be easily digested. That’s why humorists typically follow the traditional journalism standard – write at a middle school level.

I use Word’s readability measure, the Flesch Reading Ease Formula, to ensure that I don’t sound like a Ph.D. and students can “get” my funny. I also rely on Grammarly – its preset settings help me tailor my writing to my audience.

Educators are often afraid of “dumbing down” their content. Writing like a Ph.D. may satisfy the APA style gods, yet it defeats the purpose of classroom humor – to make learning fun.






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